Get Involved

The best way to learn about design is to get involved on campus, whether through classes, clubs, competition teams, research, or the design council. Below, read some stories about the different ways in which current students found their place in design on campus.

16 April 2015 • Jason Mai

How I Discovered Design

During my freshmen year, I went to Calapalooza to find clubs to join. Amongst the sea of tables, fliers, and students, I saw mysterious and overlapping vibrant cyan circles in the corner of eyes. The...
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15 April 2015 • Andrea Deng

"What's your major?"

I heard this question so many times my Freshman year at Berkeley, and every time, I struggled for an answer. I felt I hadn’t experienced enough of life to firmly know what I wanted to...
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14 April 2015 • Alex Yao

Tips for Incoming Freshmen from a Freshman

Take interesting classes. You have four years of college to explore what you want to do and your freshman year is an opportunity to branch out into as many areas as possible. Don’t just take...
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13 April 2015 • Ethan Anderson

Design by Collaboration

I was wandering the rows of tables at Callapalooza during my first semester at Berkeley when the Design Engineering Collaborative caught my eye. They had a massive whiteboard set up with expo markers, sticky notes,...
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10 April 2015 • Phoebe Lin

BI Reflection

Thinking back now on my freshman year, I don’t think I could have been farther from design, at least in terms of what I wanted to do with my life. I arrived to this school...
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