3D Modeling Club

Interested in engineering parts, creating custom game assets, or winning design competitions? Then come check out 3DMC!


Our chapter's mission is to create a space where one can explore, engage, and be inspired by the emerging trends and technologies in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

AIAS Berkeley

We introduce students to the professional field of architecture through opportunities for networking and skill building through events like conferences, workshops, and lectures.


The Berkeley chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department’s student group.


BARE Magazine is UC Berkeley’s premier fashion, lifestyle, and art publication.

Berkeley Innovation

Berkeley Innovation is a human-centered design group. Our members come from a wide range of disciplines, but share a love of design thinking and innovation.


berkeleyByte is a news blog for design, technology and campus culture. We feature organizations, projects, startups, news, and events.

Biological Artistic Design

Biological Artistic Design strives to integrate artistic vision with biological interests.


Blueprint is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing technologies to local nonprofit organizations that are making social change.

Cal Set Design

Cal Set Design specializes in set design, creative installations, and visual productions. We design and construct runway installations for FAST fashion shows and sets for BARE Magazine.

Design Engineering Collaborative

DEC aims to create a collaborative maker community by connecting people with diverse skills, equipping them with resources, and educating them through workshops.

Design for America

Design For America teaches human-centered design, collaborating community partners and implements innovative solutions based on insights into human needs, rapid prototyping, and user-testing.

Engineering World Health

We design and build low-cost medical devices, resources, and technologies for underdeveloped or developing nations.

Engineers Without Borders

We work with two communities in Peru to identify and implement technologies that reduce the level of arsenic in ground water to acceptable levels, or identify alternative drinking water sources.


We design and screenprint custom t-shirts and apparel. Our profits are lent to underprivileged entrepreneurs so that they may start their own businesses and achieve a sustainable source of income.

Fashion and Student Trends

FAST provides an opportunity for students interested in fashion or the fashion industry to learn from other students and experts in the field. We hold one fashion show a semester, featuring student designers


GameCraft seeks to expose students to the processes and joy of game design, development, and art. We aim to give students the path and resources to create their own game through all disciplines.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design is a family of designers, photographers, web developers, and videographers united by the goal of making Berkeley beautiful. And in that process, we grow by collaborating, inspiring, and educating one another.

Pioneers in Engineering

Pioneers in Engineering is a STEM outreach group that seeks to create engaging STEM experiences for East Bay students by providing mentorship to them as well as an exciting robotics competition every spring.

Robotics at Berkeley

Robotics at Berkeley is an undergraduate robotics club that supports student-led projects, organizes robotics-related events, and serves as an informational hub for robotics opportunities on campus.